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Kim Possible Hentai Story: "Kim’s night"

It was the night of the prom and Kim came down the stairs in a beautiful dress that showed a lot of cleavage an thigh. Ron was sanding next to Kim’s parents in a blue tuxedo. “you look amazing kimmie” Ron smiled as he tool her arms and they walked out into the night and climbed in the limo.

Later that night Ron and Kim were dancing their bodies pressing together. “take me,” kim whispered in rons ear. She separated herself from him and led him to a store closet. They kissed, mashing their faces together rons hand feeling kims tits through her dress. Her hand crept down to the bulge in his pants. Tons hands undid Kim’s dress. She was wearin only thin panties that were wet. Ron slipped off his jacket an Kim unbuttoned his shirt, her Lin slender fingers brushing his chest. Ron kissed Kim’s tits and sucked on the right one while playing with the left one with his hands. Kim yanked his pants down. His boxers went down slowing his 8 inch to stand to attention. Kim moaned. She dropped to her knees and kissed the head, she then began to suck. Ron moaned his had pushing her head down on his prick. Kim stopped sucking and sat on a upturned bucket and opened her legs. One had grabbed Ron and kissed him swapping his precum. He then kneeled down and thrust his tounge and finger deep into Kim’s pussy. After five minutes of licking and fingering kim orgasmed sending her pussy juices into rons mouth. He swallowed most of it and kissed Kim swapping the remaining cum. “fuck me” Kim moaned. Ron grinned and gently began to thrust his dick inside her. “faster” Kim moaned, Ron thrust faster their skin slapping together.

Before Ron and Kim had left the dance floor bonnie had Continue reading

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