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Kim Porn Possible Story: "Change room fun – part 1"

“Kim!” an annoyed brunette cheerleader called out. “We have a problem”

“You mean you have a problem Bonnie” Kim replied flatly.

Bonnie glanced behind her to see that the other cheerleaders had filed out of the change room as soon as the tanned female had opened her mouth.

“Whatever” the brunette dismissed, “That last routine was horrible” she stated with a provocative tone.

“I didn’t hear anyone else complain” replied Kim, growing progressively agitated.

“That’s because they’re scared of you, but I’m not! You’re totally leading this squad south K” snapped Bonnie.

“Look Bonnie, we both know that this is just you wanting to be on top this time!” retorted the redhead.

“Well, maybe if you gave me a chance to be on top, I wouldn’t have a problem with it” explained the brunette.

Kim pointed her finger in Bonnie’s face, “I’m the squad captain that means I have to be on top!” yelled Kim.

“Says who?” inquired the tanned female.

“Says the fact I implemented the pyramid into the routine” replied the redhead.

Bonnie looked at the finger hovering in her face, Kim let out a startled cry as the brunette leaned in and bit the pink digit.

“Ow you just bit my finger!” Kim exclaimed in shock.

“Yeah, well€¦don’t wave your fingers in my face K” Bonnie snapped back, looking away but glancing back to see the redhead’s reaction.

To her own shock, the moment she turned her head her lips met with her rivals.

The simple lip press wasted no time, developing into a deep and passionate kiss.
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Ann Possible’s boobs are growing bigger and bigger…

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