Kim’s Enslavement

Kim awoke to darkness. She laid face down on what felt to be a bed, blind folded and naked. Her arms and legs were stretched out to her sides, tied to what she guessed were the four corners of a bed. Her pelvis lay on top of a pillow, which thrust her ass up and left her pussy fully exposed. She was defenseless, open and available!! She tried to wriggle free of her bonds with no success.

“Ahhh, you’re awake.” That voice, she knew it well. Dr. Drakken!! “I had you drugged and brought here.”

Kim’s heart raced. Was he going to fuck her? Kill her???!!! “Wha…what are going to do to me?”

“That depends on you.”

Before Kim could reply she felt the firm smack of a leather strap on her tender ass flesh. And then another one! And another!! Her ass was on fire! The pain sent shocks through her body. “Ohhhhhhh, please stop!” she pleaded as her eyes began to tear-up.

“Shut the fuck up!” was the reply she got. And with that Drakken commenced to firmly and methodically strike Kim’s ass with the strap. Kim couldn’t speak even if she had wanted to. She was delirious with pain at first and now, pleasure.

He strapped her for some time and then stopped. “I don’t want to mark up the goods too much. Ahhhh, yes. It’s nice and red.” He stroked her flaming ass and then suddenly plunged his fingers deep into her pussy. “Ha! I knew it! Wet! Dripping wet in fact!! What a fucking slut you are Kim Possible!” Drakken was right and Kim blushed furiously with shame. He was making her wet! Drakken then commenced to open her pussy with two, then three and four fingers. All she could do was moan. He found her g-spot and worked it over and over and over!! Kim felt herself opening wider allowing him full access to her dripping cunt. She wanted his whole hand inside her! Drakken felt her open and felt her r thrust her cunt back onto his hand. She wanted him to go deeper! He made a fist and, fingers first, slowly inserted his whole hand up Kim’s quaking and sopping pussy!! When he had gained complete entry he closed his fist and twisted and turned his hand while slowly thrusting it in and out of her incredibly stretched pussy. He slapped her ass again and again and felt her pussy contract and bear down on his hand. “Oooohhhh my fucking ggggaaaawwwwdddd!!!” she moaned.

His hand still up her quaking hole, she felt him stop and reach for something. She felt a cold liquid on her asshole and then a finger slide inside that orifice. She was too weak to protest and she felt herself open for that assault as well. Drakken worked two fingers inside her tight rosebud and Kim moaned. She felt a hard object attempting to gain entry to her newly stretched bunghole. “Open yourself more!” Drakken commanded. She then felt a hard push, searing pain and then delirious pleasure. “A butt plug my dear. A small one for now, but they’ll get bigger as time goes on. We’re going to train your ass to take the biggest cocks and I must say that was a good beginning. You took it like a true whore.”

With the plug firmly in place in her ass, Drakken continued fisting Kim’s pussy, stretching her to her limit. He was slow and methodical. He wanted her excitement to build and build until she couldn’t take it anymore and then he would fist her some more. Kim could feel herself cumming and her pussy began to pulse and throb on Drakken’s hand. “Ohhhh fuuuuucccckkk. I’m cumming!” Her whole body shook and convulsed with a powerful orgasm. “Aaahhhh, aaaahhhh. Ggggaaawwwddd!!!” Her pussy flooded and she nearly fainted. She heard Drakken laugh and he withdrew his hand. “Look at all that pussy juice covering my hand!! My, my Ms. Possible. It looks like you rather enjoyed that little session.”

She heard Drakken speaking to someone. “Did you get all that?”

“Yes, doctor. All of it. What a slut!!” Shit, it was Shego!!

“Did you hear that Ms. Possible? Shego here was kind enough to record the whole episode. It’ll be posted on the internet in a few minutes so all your friends and family can see how I, Dr. Drakken own your pussy and ass and how I made you cum like the whore you are! Hahahahahahahah!!!”

Kim felt humiliated beyond belief. She had opened her cunt and ass like a $2 dollar whore to the loathsome doctor’s handling. My god, he had made her want it!! And soon everyone would see how she wanted it and how her nemesis Dr. Drakken, had made her cum and scream with ecstasy. She would never live it down!

She heard Shego’s voice. “Now it’s my turn! But I won’t let you off so easy. I think you could use a good caning!” Kim felt faint as she considered what lay in store for her. She heard the sound of the cane cut through the air and felt a searing pain as it slashed her tender flesh again and again!! She screamed. She begged. She cried. All to no avail. The cane came down over and over cutting and marking her tender white flesh. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, it was over. There was no sound except her gentle sobs. She felt cool, soft hands caressing her cut flesh with soothing lotion. “Does that feel better?”

“Yes, tha…thank you,” Kim stammered, “why are you suddenly being so nice to me?”

“Well Kim, I have plans for you and I can be very nice if you comply. Will you comply?”

Kim saw no other way out of her situation but to play along and, if the truth be told, her resistance was being worn down, which of course was exactly what Drakken and Shego planned and hoped for all along.

“Lift your head.” Shego’s voice again. Kim complied. “Very good.” Kim felt a leather collar slipped around her neck and a light, but very strong chain locked onto it. “No matter what you do you aren’t going anywhere.“ Kim felt the binds on her wrists and legs loosen. “Now turn over”. Kim, still blindfolded, turned over onto her back. With her hands and legs now free, she thought for a split second that maybe now she could make an escape. That thought was cut short as she immediately felt the sting of the cane as it whipped through the air and slashed her breasts. Shego worked furiously, expertly cutting and marking Kim’s breasts and nipples making Kim scream in agony. “Put your hands in front of you now!!“ Shego ordered. Shego quickly took Kim’s wrists and cuffed them in front. She pushed her back onto the bed and spread Kim’s legs and quickly reattached them to the bedpost restraints. “I told you to comply. I can be nice if you obey, not so nice if you don’t.” Shego lowered her mouth to Kim’s wet and abused pussy. “Poor baby”, she cooed and began licking and sucking Kim’s inflamed snatch.

“Oh my gawd, oh my gawd, oh my gaaaaaaawwwwwwd,” was the only response Kim could muster. Shego’s tongue was magic. She licked, sucked, and slurped until Kim though she would pass out. Shego removed Kim’s blindfold. She was also naked. Her green, full breasts were tipped with proudly erect, bright pink almost florescent nipples. She seemed to shimmer in the light with a sexual energy that flooded the room and Kim’s senses. Shego stood, smiled at Kim and murmured, “You like what you see don’t you Kim?” Shego lowered herself over Kim’s mouth. “Suck my pussy Kim!” she ordered, “I think you’ll be pleased.” Kim, in a daze, began to suck and lick Shego’s pussy as ordered. Shego was so wet and her juices tasted so good, like an exotic nectar, that Kim soon lost herself in her task, licking and sucking until Shego moaned with delight. Kim was lightheaded and felt like she had been dosed with some kind of wonderful drug. “Ahhhhhhh yes Kim, doesn’t my pussy taste good? And you’re getting high aren’t you? That’s my juice as well. Ever since my encounter with the rainbow-hued comet my pussy juice is downright hallucinogenic.” Kim sucked and sucked the wondrous juices from Shego’s pussy and felt herself transported to unknown heights.

Shego loosened one of the leg ties and raised Kim’s leg high in the air. She lowered herself between Kim’s legs and locked her pussy on Kim’s. She rocked back and forth, wet sopping pussy on wet sopping pussy. Wet, sliding sounds and moans filled the air. The smell of sex and cunt juice was overwhelming as Shego humped her own pussy lips and clit on Kim’s. Kim could feel herself cumming. Her eyes rolled back, her groans intensified and she felt as if she had been sucked into the heavens where she exploded and then fused with the cosmic energy of the universe.

It went like that for unknown days and nights as Kim soon lost track of time. First, she would be strapped and fisted by Dr. Drakkor and after he was done, he would slowly insert a larger sized butt plug into her ass and work it in and out stretching her tight hole until Kim lost herself in delirium. And then Shego would come into her room cane her, twist her nipples until they were raw and then affix alligator clip nipple clamps onto her tender buds as Kim groaned loudly with pleasure/pain. Kim would sink to her knees and worship Shego’s pussy, licking and sucking the sweet, intoxicating nectar from her dripping cunt. They would sixty-nine, licking and sucking each other until they came and came and came. And they would lock themselves together rubbing their moist pink holes until they lost themselves in cosmic orgasm.

But never would Drakken put his cock in her. In quiet moments when she wasn’t being used, she would wonder why. He was always naked when he assaulted her. It soon dawned on her that she wanted it. She wanted Drakkor to fuck her with his thick, blue cock! She wanted to feel that part of him, which he denied her, plunging inside her. She wanted to suck his meaty pole and taste his cum!!! She was dripping wet and deeply ashamed at the thought. But she couldn’t help herself.

That night when Drakken entered her room to beat and fist her, before he could start she blurted out, “please let me suck your cock!”

“What did you say Kim?”

“Please, let me suck you. Please….” She fell to her knees and took his cock in her hands. It was thick and blue with large veins running its length, which was sizable.

Kim took the large purple-blue head into her mouth ad slowly licked and sucked on it. She worked it deeper into her mouth and throat. She nearly gagged at first on his size, it was so big! But eventually she was able to relax her throat muscles and was soon taking his entire length. Kim made loud sucking and slurping noises as she sucked, stroked and licked Drakken‘s throbbing blue member. For his part, Drakken grabbed her head and began to fuck her mouth and throat with long, deep thrusts. His balls slapped Kim in the face as he buried his root deep into the back of her throat. As Kim serviced Drakken she felt herself hoping that this would become a regular part of her routine and she realized what she had become. She was Dr. Drakken’s and Shego’s sex slave! And yet the realization didn’t bother her. It was what she wanted now. And that was their plan all along she realized. To turn Kim into their slut. To make her their sex slave. She would no longer even need her chains to keep her in bondage. She would stay willingly to suck Drakken’s cock and Shego’s pussy. But, even though she no longer required them, she wanted her chains. They defined her now and with that she felt a warm glow of happiness. She sighed contentedly as Drakken slapped her face with his huge tool and when he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back she opened her mouth without being asked and greedily swallowed his thick, creamy load as he came in her mouth. Her transformation was complete and she felt right with the world.






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