Kim Possible: In the Curse of the Demon`s Hand – Chapter 1

“Shego, have you found the artifact I need to conquer the world?” Drakken asks.

Shego smiles a nasty little smile before answering “Of course I did, though I don’t know what you would want a dried up old mummified arm for.”

Drakken sneers, “You don’t need to know, with this I’ll bring Middleton to its knees.” He said as he grabs the mummified arm from Shego. “Now all I have to do is place the arm in the center of the altar and read the ancient runes carved on it.”

“Yeah…right this will turn out good, just like all your other plans.” Shego said under her breath, as Drakken began the ritual. In the middle of the ritual Shego gets knocked forward by Kim distracting Drakken.

“Mind if I crash the party?” Kim asks as she runs towards the altar to grab the stolen artifact Ron running just a few steps behind her.

“Oh no you don’t!” Shego screams while firing her green ray at Kim. However Kim’s superb athletic ability allowed her to dodge Shego’s attack Ron however took the full force of the blast on his right arm incinerating it. Blood gushed out of the wound soaking the altar and the mummified arm just as Drakken finished the incantation.

“Ron!” Kim screams as she rushes to her friends’ aid. “Ron look at me it’ll be alright”

“Arghhhh…” Ron screams in agony as he tries to stop the flow of blood from his wound, dark eldritch lights began to emanate from the mummified arm as tendrils spread out over the altar “There’s nothing you can do now Kim Possible,” Drakken screams manically “Now feel the power that is mine to command, and tremble at the might of the Demon Hand!” Dra akken raises his arm, and nothing happens. “What? I should have unparalleled power!”

“Dr. Drakken, look…” Shego exclaims pointing at the supine form of Ron Stoppable.

The Demon Arm, a black scaled arm whose fingers ended in talons was attached to Ron’s body replacing his missing arm. Ron began to rise, his eyes burned red with unholy flames, his voice deep and resonating “Dragons of darkness consume mine enemies” Ron shouts as he points to the evil pair. Dark energies are released from his hand and hurtle towards the evil pair, Shego was able to grab Drakken by the collar and jump to safety an instant before the dragons destroyed the area they were standing on. Such was the power of the assault that the whole base began to crumble and fall in on itself.

“Ron we have to get out of here,” Kim said, “The whole place is about to go!” as she grabs Ron’s left arm

The crime fighting pair rushes out of the collapsing hideout into the night.

The following day at Middleton HS…

“Wade what can you tell me about this Demon Arm?” she asks her friend.

“Well according to some rare lore that I’ve uncovered if the ritual is done correctly it’s supposed to give it’s wielder enough power to destroy the world, however there is a bright side to this,”

“And what will that be?” asks Kim

“There’s a prophesy that if it fuses with a man with mystical blood who has a kind heart then it will forever be bound to that man and his kindness will temper the demon’s will and thus allow it to become a force for good.”

“Anything else?”

Wade ponders for a moment, “Well if we can believe the legends Ron will develop Strength, Speed and other abilities like…” Wade trails off

“Like what wade?” Kim asks

“His demonic blood will make him irresistible to women.”

“You’ve got to be kidding me, were talking about Ron here” Kim is distracted as a commotion occurs as Ron is walking towards her. She notices that practically all the girls in the school are staring at Ron with dreamy eyes, and Bonnie of all people clings to his right arm, the Demon Arm, while one of her hands is apparently rubbing Ron’s ass. “Ok, not so far a leap” Kim says as wade is forgotten as she falls under Ron’s stare.

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